Saturday February 23, 2019

Hackers Unite in NYC at Last HOPE Conference

CNET | news.com

Tonight, the Hotel Pennsylvania welcomes the Hackers of Planet Earth (HOPE) for the first night of their seventh and last conference.  Throughout its three days, participants will be able to learn everything from how to create fluorescent mice and crack safes.  Various discussions will also take place, including those concerning privacy related to such NYC pastimes as riding in taxis.

Those not able to attend the show can tune in to Radio Statler, which will broadcast speeches and feature interviews with speakers and other prominent hackers attending.

As an ultra high-tech touch, attendees will be wearing badges with radio frequency identification devices (RFID) that will follow their every move during the three day affair.  With everyone’s movements on display on large monitors at the show, organizers felt this was a unique way to allow participants to experience what it’s like to be tracked.