Tuesday July 17, 2018

Video 2.0 Meetup Members Gather at Webster Hall

NYConvergence ORIGINAL

Highlights from last night's meetup (in addition to the pizza offered before the presentations) included a Web site to turn your photos into a video with a soundtrack, a new video platform, and a new method for building and sharing widgets. 

In addition to showcasing their Web site's ability to turn photos into video, the presenter from Animoto also noted that they are planning to release an iPhone application and that they offer enough royalty-free music for users to incorporate into their videos that they are DMCA compliant.  Brightcove provided some technical information on their new platform, but they also showed off The New York Times' new Web site for video which uses the player and its social bookmarking capabilities, and Gigaya highlighted the fact that they've grown from one to 40 people in the past year building widgets that help users share video content across the Web.