Monday May 21, 2018

Internet Week: Ends Anticlimactically with Webbys

Internet Week formally ended last night with the Webby Awards at Cipriani in Manhattan's Financial District neighborhood last night.  They were attended by hundreds of "Web celebrities, real celebrities, and the people behind of the Web's most innovative sites."

Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live hosted, opening with a joke about how little sense it made for such a "forward thinking" event to be held so close to the country's tarnished financial center.  Winners were limited to five-word acceptance speeches and for the most part, attendees were upbeat.  Internet Week Founder and Chairman David-Michel Davies told PCMag, "The world out there is a tough world, and these people are the people
that are solving the problems that we have.  The Internet industry is the industry that's going to get us out of a lot of this mess. I
think that's great, and that's what we're going to celebrate tonight."

Of course, some, like c | net's Caroline McCarthy felt the awards no longer fulfill any need in the industry.  She referenced Klickable CEO Roger Wu saying that the Webbys are "like Twitter" and  McCarthy expanded on that, reasoning that since the Internet is no longer a novelty, the awards are now yet another platform for celebrities to promote themselves.

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