Monday July 22, 2019

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TKTS Ticket Updates Coming to a Cellphone Near You?

By: Gloria Sin

Ever wondered why $19 million was spent on redesigning the
New York TKTS booth in Times Square, yet not a cent on revamping its Web site
to sell tickets online? The New York Time’s ArtsBeat Blog took
the Theater Development Fund's executive director Victoria Bailey to
task, in a series of Q&As with Broadway-bargain-seeking readers this week.

Apparently, the lack of an online sales strategy was by
design: “Our mission is in large part to promote conversations about theater.
You do that in person,” Ms. Bailey explained in the “Secrets of the TKTS Booth”
To her, the experience of waiting in line and not knowing what, if any tickets
will be available at the window is all part of the “urban fellowship”. At the
end of the day, the purpose of the booth is really to help productions move
last-minute tickets from a centralized location; there are already many online
vendors who offer discount tickets online.

That said, she does believe technology can help inform
customers on what’s available at TKTS. Not only does the Web site publish a
list of participating shows from the previous week, the organization is also considering using cellphones to update customers on ticket availability.

How do you use technology to hunt for discounts to arts
productions in the city? Share your tips and tricks with other budget conscious
readers below.

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