Thursday June 21, 2018

Gonzalez: Conflicts of Interest Plague NYC 911 Upgrade

The New York Daily News is reporting that two commissioners at New York City's technology department who supervised the awarding of a $380 million contract to modernize the city's 911 system who left the project were later hired by the company which is handling the "problem-plagued" project.

Gino Menchini, former commissioner of the
Department of Information, Technology and Telecommunications, and his first
deputy, Larry Knafo, became executives at Northrup Grumman, one of the "key" subcontractors under Hewlett Packard (HP) on this project after leaving their posts in 2006.

Although cleared of any possible conflicts of interest by the NYC Conflict of Interest Board, the newspaper's Gonzalez remains suspicious given that HP was able to rebid on the deal by bringing Northrup Grumman on board as a subcontractor in spite of its negative evaluation by the officials in charge of the bidding process.

New York Daily News

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