Tuesday February 19, 2019

Broadway Copes with Internet Rumor-Mongering

As blogging, twittering and the Internet in general have become more ingrained in the world of Broadway and NYC theatre, it has also become a playground for rumors and gossip about the various musicals and plays gracing the "Great White Way."   

One of the results of these rumors is that actors from the musicals hear about them more frequently, either through digital channels or directly from fans who see them perform.  Other industry professionals, particularly commercial theatre producers, feel that some of the online rumor-mongering is the result of the competitive Broadway real estate market, where a new musical is always waiting in the wings for a another show to close.

Recently, the musical Ragtime had been the focus of many
Internet rumors that said the show would be closing soon. Unlike other Internet rumors, it seems that this one turned out to be correct.  Late yesterday, the production announced that it would be closing with a final performance this Sunday, January 4.

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