Tuesday June 19, 2018

Manuta: FiOS Push Bodes Poorly for NYC’s ‘Little Guy’

In an op-ed in the New York Daily News, the Public Law Utility Project's Louis Manuta outlines why Verizon's "abdication" of its copper-based network will be "devastating" to all local telephone customers in New York City. 

According to Manuta, the move will further free Verizon of NY State Public Service Commission-mandated requirements such as "measuring service quality according to various metrics ranging from the number of trouble reports it receives from customers to the amount of time its repair office takes to respond to calls, to how many out-of-service situations are reported in 24 hours."

As evidence of the devastation he foresees, he cites the recent commission-issued report, which we wrote about previously, showing Verizon's increasing failure to make timely phone line repairs from July to September of this year.   

New York Daily News

> Report: Verizon Falling Behind in Landline Repairs

  • michael jacobsen

    who is paying this guy -time warner cablevision-There are no regulations for those company.I have seen my stock go from 65 to 23 thanks to people like this and the people who regulate our company.If we are doing so good how come I lost 100,000 dollars after working for verizon.I never see an article about time warner and cablevision with their monopilies in nyc for the last 20 years as verizon is so regulated that my stock has gone down 35 dollars a share .Now that time wanrner and cablevision has some competition ha puts down fios and doesn’t mention time warner and cablevision which can only tell me he has some kind of bias.Please get this email to him Michael Jacobsen