Saturday February 23, 2019

Newsday‘s Paywall Experience Provides Lessons

Panelists on one of the afternoon sessions at the Media Summit 2010 at the McGraw Hill Building in Manhattan's Midtown this week discussed the problems associated with paywalls in light of Newsday's experience.

Julie Michalowski, Vice President, Business
Development, Conde Nast Consumer Marketing, said that the
panelists' respective organizations aren’t focusing on paywalls, but on “what the brand
experience and value is.”

Alisa Bowen, SVP, Head of Consumer Publishing for Thomson Reuters (NYSE:TRI) defended the use of paywalls.  “Paywalls aren’t
right for some. Let’s be clear about that.  We’ve experimented with
putting up barriers on parts of our website.  In one case [she didn’t
specify, according to paidContent], traffic dropped 70 percent after instituting a paywall.  In
another case, using the same barrier level, mind you, happened to lead
to a traffic rise of 300 percent.  The value extraction is very specific
to different audiences.”

Bowen also alluded to Newsday's claim that the paywall model wasn’t intended to drive online subscriptions, but rather to create more value for Cablevision (NYSE:CVC) customers by offering access to the paper’s Web site.


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