Monday January 21, 2019

Columbia Univ. Now Offering Hybrid Journalism Degree

Columbia University will offer a first of its kind cross-disciplinary masters degree in Computer Science and Journalism. The program hopes to break the barrier between journalists and the IT
professionals on whom they rely. By combining the two skill sets, Columbia hopes to produce graduates who can innovate and develop solutions the news business desperately needs, Bill Grueskin, academic dean of Columbia School of Journalism told Wired. Grueskin said that while journalists are familiar with the web and social networking, the news business needs powerful new tools that require a deeper skill set to create.

Opportunities exist to develop, among other areas:

  • TV visuals that more clearly present complex information
  • Easier to use data mining processes so journalists can find data buried in documents
  • Software that deals with digital trust to help enhance accurate reporting
  • Software that helps reporters identify under-reported events



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