Monday June 18, 2018

Business Insider “Grades” Union Square Ventures

Business Insider graded the portfolio of the NY venture capital company Union Square Ventures, sifting through the company's holdings and giving each start-up a grade from A+ to F, based on their view of the companies' "potential to build a big business" and provide a big return for the company.

Overall, Union Square Ventures appears to have "hit the ball out of the park," with big bets on Foursquare, Twitter and Zynga poised to pay off very well. Other picks in the "A" range were Etsy, the auction site for arts and crafts and Indeed, a job listing site. However Business Insider also looked at the less glamorous parts of the Union Square Ventures portfolio, hitting on start-ups like Zemanta, "a nice little product, but that's all," Wesabe, "it doesn't look good" for the company, and Outside.in, which "does aggregation of hyperlocal news."

Business Insider 


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