Wednesday May 22, 2019

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NY Start-up Environment Could Use Some Improvement

Reviewing the NYC start-up environment, blogger Mike Katz says that in terms of investors, NY has a plethora of seed funds, micro venture capitalists and wealthy individuals to financially help companies in their embryonic stages. The Center for an Urban Future says angel investors and associates have $250-$500 million available for investment over the next decade, which should fund some 1,000-2,000 companies.

However, NY falls down in a number of areas. Tech companies need advice and guidance, but there is only a "nascent, albeit growing, network of experience early-stage investors" to mentor start-ups at the early stage. While there may not be enough NY investors willing to write "real Series A" checks, some Boston and Silicon Valley investors are filling the gap. Also, despite powerhouse academic institutions, NYU, Columbia and their ilk are "poor incubators for commercial enterprises."