Monday January 21, 2019

Absolut Vodka Faces Scrutiny for Brooklyn Blogfest

Recently Absolut Vodka sponsored the local blogger event Brooklyn Blogfest, but some attendees and blogging experts felt that the sponsorship didn't follow proper disclosure.

Absolut reached out to bloggers involved with the Blogfest,offering them a free Flip video camera and a bottle of Absolut Brooklyn, the new limited edition flavor that was promoted at the event. In exchange for these free goods, the bloggers had to talk about Absolut on their blog, however, there were no disclosure requirements regarding their affiliation. 

PRNewser (mediabistro)


> Brooklyn Blogfest 2009 in Dumbo

  • Isn’t it the bloggers’ responsibility to disclose their affiliation? To be honest with their readers? Absolut is a large company with its own interests, and most of the public understands that.
    On the other hand, if the bloggers weren’t necessarily required to say good things about Absolut, what was to stop them from saying how much they hated it?
    Regardless of the taste (or the bribed press) I’m glad that Absolut has given Brooklyn a flavor, and from the description, it sounds like it ought to be good!