Wednesday May 22, 2019

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Will New Forbes Online Strategy Kill Forbes?

After Paul Maidment, chief editor of Forbes.com resigned, new chief product officer Lewis Dvorkin, who recently sold True/Slant to Forbes, announced a new online strategy for the web site which had been criticized for its "obsession with page views at all costs." The company plans to open up its web site to thousands of unpaid
contributors, making Forbes editors "curators of talent."

However, according to TechCrunch's Paul Carr the new strategy is wrong headed. Saying the plan will kill Forbes, Carr raves: "by lowering the barrier to entry to anyone with a keyboard, the publication will also scare away those top tier contributors–captains of industry, statesmen and the like–who are prepared to pen a free article for Forbes just for the kudos that comes from being asked."



> True/Slant Sold To Forbes