Thursday May 23, 2019

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Adgrok Blogger Calls NYC a “Tech Backwater”

In a rant, adgrok blogger Antonio Garcia-Martinez said that New York City will never be more than a tech sideshow. "Thinking the New York tech scene will ever equal Silicon Valley is as foolish as thinking San Francisco's puny theater district will one day take on Broadway," he said, adding that tech investor Ron Conway, start-up guru Paul Graham, and NY VC Chris Dixon are "all wrong."

Garcia-Martinez agrees with Matt Mireles, the SpeakerText CEO who left NY for Silicon Valley, that NY's start-up environment just doesn't work. He points to problems like the cost of living, that New Yorkers like old money rather than new money, and a closed culture based on "monopolies of information."



> NYC Lags Behind Silicon Valley for Tech Startups

  • To be clear, it’s not that I don’t think NYC has its strengths or won’t work as a startup hub, just that it’s been overhyped. Replacing SV, it won’t; but competing with Boston and Boulder for #2, it can––and will probably win.