Friday April 20, 2018

Social Media Gaming Meets Lunch in Midtown

Late last week, New York Times reporter Nick Bilton attended an event held by 4Food, the new restaurant launching soon in Midtown by Internet guru Rex Sorgatz, where Bitlon had a the chance to try out the restaurant's social media inspired ordering system. 

The system works when a customer goes to 4Food's website, builds a custom burger and when the order is done, it gets broadcasted over Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook.  Once said customer picks up the burger he/she can check to see how well the burger is doing at the restaurant's leaderboad, which is part of a social media game.

If the burger that the customer created is ordered by other people, it moves up the leaderboard and the customer gets 25 cents credit every time it is ordered.

Bits (NYTimes.com) 


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