Wednesday May 23, 2018

NY Times Says Thumbs Up to Tech-Filled Das Rheingold

The New York Times reviewed the debut of Robert LaPage's technology filled production of Das Rheingold at The Metropolitan Opera, reporting that LaPage received a mostly enthusiastic ovation with scattered boos. The machine that dominates the staging worked, for the most part, The Times reported, and when the planks rose to create a wall of water for the maidens to rest on, video images of stones and pebbles created the desired effect.

The computer-controlled video technology did its job, creating magical moments, such as when slaves were sweating over molten posts of gold, and the wall above them was "alive with shifting russet, earthen and blazing yellow colors." Only one mechanical glitch marred the performance, when planks did not move into place to form the rainbow bridge of Valhalla.

The New York Times


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