Wednesday July 18, 2018

NY Convergence ORIGINAL

Sprint Presents its 4G Applications in New York

By Milos Peluffo

NY Convergence had the opportunity to attend a Sprint 4G sneak peak this morning at the Sprint Executive Briefing Center in Manhattan. On display were several new gadgets running on the Sprint 4G network, including the HTC Evo and the Samsung Epic. Running on 4G, the connections were blindingly fast with seamless video streaming from both YouTube and ESPN live television. The specs come out to be up to10Mbps for download speed, with an average of 3 to 6Mbps, and a maximum upload speed of 3Mbps with 4G.

The main presentation was given by Matt Carter, president of Sprint 4G, and Iyad Tarazi, vice president of network development and engineering, who lauded 4G in general as a “game changer.” The example presented came in the form of ResMD, a medical imaging app that uses PureWeb technology developed by Calgary Scientific (See here). Through the use of this technology, medical professionals would be able to access and manipulate detailed 2D and 3D images, video and audio of patient results live on their 4G device from anywhere. Other discussed applications of 4G included live television in cars (NYC taxis currently have Sprint 3G/4G chips installed), digital signage
and video security/surveillance.

4G’s speed in comparison to 3G was described as a “20 lane highway in a Ferrari as opposed to a single lane country road in a Prius.” This has to do with the drastically widened spectrum (7-15 times) that is available using 4G. One nifty addition is the seamless weaving between the 3G and 4G spectrum.

According to statistics cited by Carter, 50% of 4G usage is for video streaming, enabled by the higher speed and performance, as opposed to email and web browsing. While Sprint’s WiMAX 4G is set to launch in New York later this year, Tarazi added that “4G is not a one time event, 4G is a continuum of investment to improve quality of service” and that Sprint is “committed to innovation and investment in their infrastructure.”


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