Tuesday July 17, 2018

Government Powerless in Cablevision, Fox Dispute

Despite the outrage expressed by legislators and regulators, the government has little power to change or enforce anything in the ongoing Cablevision v. Fox dispute, news analyst Rich Greenfield said in a blog post reported by Multichannel News. Greenfield said that Congress created the retransmission consent mess itself through the passage of the 1992 Cable Act, and the only thing the FCC can do is ensure that the parties are “negotiating in good faith.” Even if it’s found that they are not, the agency has no authority to take any action.

Congress is taking steps to update the retransmission portions of the act, but Congress is out of session and probably won’t act quickly on this issue. In addition, Greenfield suggested a simple solution for Cablevision: hand out $30 digital TV antennas to customers, so when these interruptions occur, consumers can still get the programming.

Multichannel News


No Progress Yet In Cablevision, Fox Dispute