Tuesday June 19, 2018

Area Media Critics Take On Murdoch’s “the Daily” App

Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-only newspaper, the Daily, set to be released around Christmas, is stirring quite a debate among NY’s media critics. Much of the negativity is tribal, says The New York Observer. The project is digital so print people are bothered, it’s an app, walled off from the open Internet, so web people don’t like it, and it comes from Rupert Murdoch, who is always controversial.

On the other side is the fact that this is a newspaper specifically built for an Apple device, and anytime Steve Jobs gets involved, there is hope that the news business can return to a model where consumers pay more for news. And News Corp. is hiring journalists again.

In a slide show, The Observer presents comments from an array of area media critics, taking one side or another. Union Square Ventures Fred Wilson said that while he couldn’t comment intelligently until he saw the app, “I think people will only pay for content that is unique and special, and I have yet to see an online/mobile news product that is unique and special.”

The New York Observer


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