Monday May 21, 2018

NY Convergence ORIGINAL

Super Bowl: NY Startup Lets Facebook Friends Chat During Big Game

by  Esther Surden

In correspondence with NY Convergence, Dean Collins of Live Chat Concepts discussed the NY startup’s latest update just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.  Now people who want to chat about the game between the Packers and the Steelers with their Facebook friends can sign up on the LiveFootballChat.com website via Facebook and don’t have to register separately for the site. They can then, computers on laps, chat with their friends while watching the event as it happens.

LiveFootballChat.com is one of 12 sports chat websites owned by Live Chat Concepts. Founder Dean Collins tells us that the concept of the live sports chat sites was always simple: it was a way for people to chat with each other during events. It was better than IMing because that’s talking to one at a time, and even better than Twitter because you don’t have to search for #hashtags, he said. Collins, and co-founder B.J. Weschke were searching for a conversational media that would allow for interaction between friends and even some trash talk.

LiveChattConcepts was founded in 2009 and is self funded, Collins said. The company’s website says “Having deployed our beta trials successfully we are now looking to close our seed round of funding from ‘SEC Rule 506 reg D’ accredited investors.”  Collins acknowledges that the company has had some offers from local angels, but says he is still waiting for the right valuation. “There are bigger concepts behind Live Chat Concepts than just the sports sites, ” he told us,  but he declined to elaborate. The  website, however,  mentions generating income through real-time B2B analytics.


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