Tuesday July 16, 2019

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Angel Investor Joanne Wilson Comments on Entrepreneurs, Women in the Field

New York City resident and angel investor Joanne Wilson opens up about her investments and involvement with start-ups in an interview with Founder’s Toolbox.  Wilson has played a role in Curbed, Catchafire and MOUSE.  She says the biggest challenge of being an investor is that the company doesn’t always take her advice.  Wilson also says that new entrepreneurs are not always realistic about their valuation when first starting, which can be problematic.

Wilson devotes a lot of her time to creating a stronger and deeper community of women entrepreneurs.  She chaired the Women Entrepreneurs Festival last month and started Women Entrepreneur Monday on GothamGal.  Wilson says there needs to be more celebration of the women already in the tech and entrepreneur communities instead of focusing on there not being enough women in the field.

Founder’s Toolbox Blog


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