Monday May 21, 2018

Etsy Exposes Buyers and Purchases Online

Etsy, the Brooklyn based startup online retailer of crafts and handmade products, recently released a new People Search tool that exposes the real names, purchases and comments of users on their profile pages. The problem is that Etsy has yet to officially notify its users of the change and has automatically opted everyone in to the service.

While users may not have entered their real names upon registration, they are still searchable by user names and, better yet, Etsy profile purchase histories are starting to show up in Google results for their names.

A recent article in Ars Technica points out that this is reminiscent of the Facebook Beacon privacy fiasco which resulted in a huge class action lawsuit which was settled when Facebook dismantled the tool and donated $9.5 million to an organization that fights for online privacy.

Ars Technica