Sunday May 20, 2018

Earth Day: NY Working on E-Cycling Programs (#EarthDay)

In an article from Newsday, Jennifer Smith talks  about the increasing problem of disposing gadgets and electronics, as this kind of e-waste contain toxins which “can poison groundwater or pollute the air when products are dumped in landfills or burned in incinerators. She mentions that 11 of Long Island’s 13 towns have created contracts with “e-cyclers” who take away the tons of computers and other gadgets, while 32 municipalities in NY state that collect e-waste qualify for funding grants of up to 50 percent from the state.

Smith does clarify though, that though these NY towns are taking the initiative, no federal or NT State law prohibits residents from blithely tossing their old TVs and PCs in landfills. Despite official enthusiasm for e-cycling programs, neither the federal Environmental Protection Agency nor the DEC regulates how most consumer electronics are recycled, or tracks where the goods end up after collection.

NY state, however, does require cell phone companies to accept used phones at no charge for reuse or recycling and recently passed an e-waste law for electronic manufactures to f0llow suit.

e-Scrap Destruction