Tuesday July 16, 2019

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BlogWorld & New Media Expo – Not Just About Blogs (#bweny)

by Lauren Keyson

Thousands of people flooded into the Javits Center in NY for the first annual BlogWorld & New Media Expo this week to network, find online business and marketing resources, and learn about new technology launches and trends. There were over 50 different sessions running concurrently, ranging from “How to Use Humor to Stand Out” to “How to Turn Your Blogging Passion into a Business” to “Tapping Technology to Build a Digital Enterprise.

Many of the exhibitors, such as MapQuest, WordPress, and Vitrue, were focused on the technology of new media, while many of the panels discussed how to better create, monetize and disseminate content. Rick Calvert, co-founder of the event, explained how the conference was not just about blogs. “This is the future of human communication,” he explained.  “All of these new media things are interconnected – blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, flickr are all extensions and blogs are the center of the social media universe.”

Lee Odden, founder of Top Rank Online Marketing, called it the “hub and spokes around it.” Calvert explained that,  “All of these are interconnected – if you want to succeed with that content that relationship between blogs and all those other things.” Odden continued, “We want content creators to realize how big our industry really is now. People see this and don’t realize they are part of a much larger community. A sports blogger or a mommy blogger or a Latino podcaster won’t realize that they are part of a much larger community than their own little tribe.”

Each of the speakers had their own take on this. Jill Fehrenbacher, founder of a green design website called Inhabitat, lead a session called “Starting from Seed, How to Grow a Profitable Blog.” She said that it was all about passion.It was a hobby project for me and I think maybe that’s why it’s been successful and why it’s a business today. It taps into my passion, and our and our audience really rallies around it and is inspired by it. It’s something that happened organically to me and I think my take away from that would be to follow your passion.”

Jennifer Schwab of Sierra Club Green Home talked about how to expand an audience. One of her problems was that she felt that the organization had missed the boat on the part of the population that was not necessarily environmental to the core.So in this website, we wanted to focus on getting the rest of the population engaged in green. We did this by educating them on anything from air sealing their home to getting an energy audit, putting in bamboo flooring, buying green furniture.”

Amy Porterfield of Amy Porterfield, Inc. works with small businesses to help them develop their social media strategy. She said, “People get so overwhelmed with content these days, feeling they should be doing this or that. But what really matters is understanding what your audience wants and what they need. I think it’s two different things. What they want is what they think they want and what they need is what you know they’re not asking. I think the key message is to make sure that you want to get your audience talking. It’s all about engagement and you want to get that conversation going and you’ll go a long way with social media.”

Email was the key for Nathalie Lussier, Nathalie Lussier Media. She explained that this 50 year old technology is the hidden profit center of a blog. “It’s actually one of the best marketing pieces that you can have for your blog. It’s a more profitable way to do business online because you’re actually going in to people’s inboxes which they check more often than they might social media networks. There’s just a lot of noise out there, so when you’re getting exactly where they’re going everyday, it’s the best way to get in touch with them.”

Another monetizing tip came from Rob Walch of Wizzard Media. He said, “One way to monetize content through advertising is by getting a big audience, being clean and being consistent.  Be sure there are no curses. You want to make your content appeal to as many people as possible — I should say as many advertisers as possible.”

Quality content was a big theme of the event. Kelby Carr spoke at the session, “Socializing Your Blog.” She said, “One thing that we wanted to be sure to stress because I actually see sites where this gets lost, at the base of everything you need to start with a core that is good content. Even if you look at Twitter and the content is small little bits or its comments on your post or it’s the post itself, you need to be sure that at the root you have good content in whatever form that content is coming through.”

BlogWorld and New Media Expo