Thursday June 21, 2018

NY Times Tech Writer’s Romance Raises Conflict of Interest Issues

According to The Daily Beast David Pogue, the highly influential tech reporter and gadget reviwer at The New York Times,  has been romantically involved with a Silicon Valley public relations executive, which raises issues of a possible conflict of interest.

Pogue, who is divorcing his wife, has been dating Nicki Dugan, a vice president at PR firm OutCast Agency, since last year. OutCast represents well known tech firms like Amazon, Facebook, Cisco, Netflix and Yahoo and since the two have been dating, Pogue has written Times articles about OutCast’s clients and competitors without disclosing his personal connection to a member of the firm.

The Daily Beast said Pogue disclosed the relationship with Damon Darlin, his editor at the Times. Darlin told the Beast that as long as Pogue didn’t write about the companies that Dugan personally represents, there shouldn’t be a problem. But Dan Lyons of Daily Beast noted that Pogue recently wrote about Groupon and Skype, both funded by the venture capital firm Andreessen-Horowitz, a client of Dugan. Lyons writes that the lack of transparency is unusual, especially since the New York Times has such stringent policies about disclosing conflicts of interest.

The Daily Beast


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