Wednesday May 23, 2018

Blip.tv Trying to Create Larger Audience for Original Web Series

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There has been a recent drive towards creating original web series.  While many projects have included high-profile filmmakers and increased financing, almost none have evolved into continuous, reviewable series with large audiences, according to The New York Times.  As more and more websites appear to support this original content, NY-based Blip.tv is taking a different approach in not getting its shows from recognizable filmmakers.  The platform, which claims to have hosted over 50,000 original series since 2005, is leading viewers to the original shows by using a curated format.

Blip.tv recently overhauled its website which now features 12 shows under the headline “Discover the beat in original Web series.”  Users can also view lists of the most-viewed, new, and trending shows.  The series featured on Blip’s homepage covered a wide variety of topics, from “Al Jazeera Listening Post,” which consisted of reports about the torture and murder of Pakistani journalists and other news events, to “Off the Avenue,” a live-performance music show.

The New York Times


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