Thursday May 23, 2019

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Towerstream to Launch Wi-Fi Citywide in NY in Late June

Towerstream, a company specializing in providing broadband service to corporations, is the latest company to try to launch Wi-Fi citywide in NY. In late June, the company will turn on a network of 1,000 wireless routers, with the goal of providing a super-fast mobile network covering seven square miles of Manhattan. Towerstream will sell access to their system to wireless carriers to fill in places where service is spotty. The network is created by antennas, about the size of a football, placed on buildings throughout the city. Towerstream pays landlords and building owners $50 to $1,000 per installation per month, depending on location.

Other companies have attempted similar projects in various cities across the country, most of which fail due to slow speeds or high costs, but these were aimed at laptop users. In a three-month test of a 200-device Wi-Fi network in Manhattan conducted by Towerstream last year, the network handled 20 million Web session by consumers that happened to see the network when looking for a connection on their mobile device or tablet.

Bloomberg Businessweek