Saturday February 23, 2019

AlmondNet Spins Off New Entity with Focus on Audience Buying

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Image via CrunchBase

AlmondNet, a NY-based behavioral targeting advertising company, is branching off of its data division to create a company called Datonics. This new company will be focusing on the trend of “audience buying” that, according to paidContent, is shaping the advertising industry. The change towards audience buying is due to the fact that Web publishers are realizing that they can more effectively use audience buying to find ad buyers without necessarily devoting resources to selling ads on their own.

Michael Benedek, former President of AlmondNet data division, will be the CEO of Datonics.


[Editor’s Note: AlmondNet is a client of Trylon SMR, owned by Trylon Communications, Inc., the parent company of NY Convergence]


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