Monday July 15, 2019

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NY Video Meetup: Block Parties, Online Concierges, and the iPad Attraction (#nyvideo)

NY Video Meetup L to R: Matt Green of WiOffer, Mark Jolly of GloboMaestro, Andy Pakula of WiOffer, Steve Rosenbaum, CEO/founder of Magnify.net and head of the NY Video Meetup, Jesse Taylor of EOinc., Nicole Controneo of GloboMaestro, and Casey Safron of animation block party (Credit: Steve Rosenbaum)

by Lauren Keyson

The July NY Video Meetup at AOL’s headquarters recently had a diverse group of presenters demoing everything from an advertising portal that links up to your mobile devices to a concierge online hotel video service to an online teaching video, and even an animation block party.

Founder Casey Safron talked about the 8th Annual AnimationBlock Party, the largest animation festival on the east coast that runs July 29-31. Safron said, “Every summer we get about 2,500 people to come out to our 3-day festival, but this year we are expecting 3,000+ because we have opened it up to include a trade show, an art gallery exhibition and a kid screening.  So far we received 654 animation submissions from all over the globe – Brazil, Israel, United Kingdom, France, California and Rhode Island.  We will be showing 97 of those films in six different individual programs.”

Casey talked about the sponsors of his Block Party back starting in 2004, “Our very first sponsors were Crispy Cream and Pabst Blue Ribbon. It got a big laugh on Thursday night – especially when I emphasized that the combination of donuts and beer was good for my personal waist line.”

Jesse Tayler, founder of oeinc.com demoed one of his new iPad video apps called VideoScience, a science educator’s tool funded by Science House Venture company.  He explained the allure of this series, “Children of all ages seem to be attracted to the iPad,” said Tayler.  “It’s something about the iPad that we are discovering — the way they interact with it. The iPad is used somewhere between 40 to 60 times more than the computer – you would think that the iPad would be a much smaller market –but  for some reason, having the same thing in both places and just as available, the mobile is so captivating for kids that they seem to have a higher interest level. In my generation these kids would be glued to the TV.”

Steve Rosenbaum, head of the NY Video Meetup and founder/CEO of Magnify.net, introduced Nicole Cotroneo and Mark Jolly as the ultimate destination experts. Their site, Globomaestro, is a concierge online video service that includes advice from concierges and other travel professionals from The Plaza, The Bowery Hotel, St. Regis San Francisco, and Mandarin Oriental Miami.

Jolly explained how he created rich media content that included a series of professionally produced videos and blogs that showcase their concierges’ local expertise. “The videos are unique because they provide local ‘insider-y’ places we’ve covered in the videos including an off-the-radar Belgian bakery in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, with Raphael Pallais, chef concierge at The Plaza; a behind the scenes tour of the NY Public Library with Raphael Pallais, chef concierge at The Plaza; and secret bars of the East Village.”

“The social web has spawned countless experts, everyone is an expert, a trip advisor, and everything else, everyone has thrown their hat into the ring; everyone has something to say,” Jolly continued.  “GloboMaestro is about credibility; these are paid  professionals whose business is to know the ins and outs of their city like no one else   there advice is unparallel; so we are doing insider tips in videos and blogs — a lot is real kind of insider stuff. For example in NY we cover speak-easy, hidden bars in the East Village. We also cover things in an ‘insider-way,’ for instance with the Frick Collection we went downstairs to a secret bowling alley that Frick himself built, which is out of bounds to the public unless you have an special insider tour.”

WiOffer is a digital media company with propriety technologies that enable TV advertisers and programmers of networks to literally beam offers, incentive and information via television to users’ smart phones or tablet devices. Cofounder Matthew Greene said that the NYVideo Meetup picked him,and his partner, Andrew Pakula, to present because, “The TV to mobile category is about to be a red hot emerging platform or medium and we’re on the cutting edge of that technology. For an entrepreneur’s perspective, our 30+ years experience provides a level of reassurance to major brands and to major agencies that we know what we’re doing and can get the job done seamlessly.” Some of their past clients include Burger King, American Express and Disney.

His advice to other startups wanting to get in the TV-mobile category? “Work with big brands on the brand size or cutting edge interactive agencies that live and breathe effective advertising and marketing initiatives daily. And there’s only one place to find that – either inside the beast of the belly of a marketer or inside an interactive ad agency.”

He chuckled about his experiences getting into the interactive advertising business, saying, “My first crotchety boss in business said ‘Welcome to the agency. If you don’t bother coming in Sunday don’t bother coming in Saturday’ – meaning if you don’t come in this weekend don’t bother coming in Monday.”

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