Wednesday June 20, 2018

Techstars NYC Announces New Startups Debuting This Summer


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Techstars NYC has picked 12 new companies and 31 founders to join their three-month long startup accelerator program and debut at this summer’s Demo Day.  The competition was fierce, with over 1,068 applicants and an acceptance rate of only 1.1 percent.  Among those chosen are Contently, which crowdsources professional writers, Arootz, which helps people discover and book experiences recommended by locals, and ChatID, an instant message solution for all businesses.

Coursekit, making online courses more social, Dispatch.io, a cloud sharing movement and management service, FredRover, helping people discover web and mobile apps, Ordr.IN, an API for ordering food, and Piictu, a game and visual network crowdsourcing picture responses from mobile phones will also appear at this summer’s Demo Day.

Rounding out the 12 are social calender TimeStream, publisher polling tool Urtak, women’s clothing and accessory discovery tool Wantworthy and referral commission service Zferral.

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