Friday April 20, 2018

Ashton Kutcher Gives Details a Social Media Makeover, Almost Gets Busted by FTC

Ashton Kutcher at Time 100 Gala

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The New York Times reports that Ashton Kutcher has been helping Details to develop its online platform. As guest editor, the TV star proposed a series of fashion shoots featuring startup tech moguls like Charlie Cheever of Quora, the founders of Airbnb and Dennis Crowley of NY’s Foursquare

This could be the the equivalent of a fashion editor’s worst nightmare, but the Times said Crowley and others wore designer clothes for the shoot. The issue also features the actor’s “10 commandments of style” and Fancy pages (which Kutcher insisted was the next big thing) where users can create pages of things they like so people will know what kinds of gifts they should buy.

The only problem with Kutcher’s recent editorial contribution to Details is that he that he did not fully disclose the relationship he has with Foursquare and the other tech startups he featured in the magazine, which is that he is an investor in all of them.  The Federal Trade Commission had hinted yesterday that they were toying with the idea of investigating Kutcher and this matter, but today announced, via Twitter, that they will not be doing so.

Though Kutcher is in the clear, according to PRNewser, the damage may already be done, as this incident may have abused his trust not only with his fans, but with any potential media outlets that might have given him a platform for his editorial viewpoints.

The New York Times