Tuesday June 19, 2018

Chris Dixon Blogs About What NYC Startups Need and Don’t Need

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A recent post on Chris Dixon’s blog discussed his opinion on what he felt the NYC startup world needs and doesn’t need. One of the things that Dixon, CEO of Hunch and serial investor, talked about was the need for more web product design talent. Dixon explained that NY has one of the best design communities in the world, but that most designers are not trained in web design fields. He also added that the city needs more engineers that are aware of the opportunities to work for startups. Many NY startups are unknown to students who move to the city from outside places. Lastly, Dixon discussed the need for high-speed Internet throughout all the “startup areas” in the city.

Some of the things that Dixon said NY does not need are government or university organized events that introduce entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs. Dixon said this because he feels entrepreneurs are already good at meeting one another. Also, he said that there is not a need for more early-stage investment capital because there are plenty of venture capitalists and seed funds available to the city.

In response to this, Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson said that Dixon’s thoughts are right in line with his own thinking.  In the Huffington Post, Wilson wrote that the Internet has made entire world—particularly India, China and Brazil–a rival to Silicon Valley.  But since the city’s cultural diversity has always attracted creative people, NY is well placed to attract innovators even in a fiercely competitive global marketplace.

Wilson said that the Bloomberg  administration is smart to promote an emerging technology center, but thought they could leverage their position even more by investing in science and engineering education in the city’s public schools and universities—and supporting what is already here in addition to new institutions.

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