Thursday April 19, 2018

@CondeElevator Reveals Catty Chatter at Conde Nast, Builds Huge Twitter Following

Anna Wintour at New York's Fall Fashion Week, 2005

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Last Saturday, the Twitter handle @condeelevator came to life. It’s an anonymous Twitter account chronicling comments allegedly overhead in the Conde Nast building elevator in NY. The account has already gained 50,000+ followers and has “incited a massive witch hunt as outlets race to unveil the author.”

According to The Daily Beast, it seems that the rogue tweeter works at either GQ or Teen Vogue. “The tweets include catty comments about calories, name-drop about Gucci – and convey a universal fear of Anna Wintour.”

[Update – It seems that not long after this post went up yesterday, @condeelevator tweeted its last tweet]

The Daily Beast