Wednesday April 25, 2018

Fox News Takes Aim at Gawker

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Late last week, Fox News took aim at NY-based media news/gossip blog Gawker, claiming both online and on “Fox & Friends” that Gawker’s site traffic is down by 75%.  The site first appeared online taking number the one spot on a Fox News web listicle titled “Formerly Popular Sites that are Dead or Dying,” and according to On Media, “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy on Friday morning “repeated the traffic drop and said Gawker was once “mildly popular” in an interview with Breitbart.tv editor Larry O’Connor.”

Gawker writer John Cook claims the reason why Fox is taking aim at the site is because of a story he is working on about a Fox News personality that is set to appear on Gawker sometime this week. In the recent past, Cook has written a number of less-that-flattering stories about Fox News President Roger Ailes.

[Update:  As promised, Gawker has posted its story from Cook about a Fox News personality.  The story is about Bill O’Reilly.]

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