Wednesday June 19, 2019

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Rachel Sterne Works to Define Her Role as NY’s First Chief Digital Officer

Rachel Sterne speaking at Vienna Conference.

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In January Rachel Sterne was named New York’s first chief digital officer and since then has focused on studying how NYers connect with the city government online.  According to The New York Times, she has also being working on convincing private-sector entrepreneurs to help with public projects for the city. One of Sterne’s main projects since her appointment has been her 62-page report titled a “Road Map for the Digital City.” This report outlined her plan to open up large reserves of data, improve Internet accessibility and expand the city’s mobile-application offerings.

One of Stern’s more popular online inventions for the NY government has been the blog The Daily Pothole. The blog tracks the milling and paving of street cavities from Midwood to Midtown. Sterne is also working on reinventing how the city engages with its residents by also using social media outlets like Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Twitter.

Her position pays $115,000 a year, which has caught the attention of many people on the Internet and particularly in Silicon Alley. Some bloggers are happy the city is embracing the digital future, while others don’t understand her purpose or question Ms. Sterne’s qualifications.

New York Times