Friday April 20, 2018

Suspect Caught in Columbia University Digital Theft

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According to Boston.com, Jeremy Dieduonne of NY was captured in Lawrence, MA recently for charges that he helped embezzle almost $6 million from Columbia University. Dieduonne is being accused of intercepting electronic payments from Columbia’s medical school that were supposed to be given to the Columbia University Medical Center.  George Castro and Walter Stephens have also been accused of conspiring with Dieduonne with the theft that transferred millions of dollars to their company, IT & Securities Solutions LLC. The three men diverted 56 electronic payments last year from the Columbia University Medical Center into a TD Bank account that was registered to their company.

The district attorney nor Columbia University have been able to explain how the three men actually infiltrated the school’s accounts payable department. A school spokesman did say that the alleged crime was not a case of computer hacking but refused to go into any more detail.