Thursday May 24, 2018

Macy’s Launches New Web Series

The Macy's flagship department store with the ...

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Macy’s has partnered with Alloy Entertainment to create a new Web series entitled “Wendy,” a modern day spin off of the popular play and movie “Peter Pan.” The six-part series will launch September 15 with high production values and TV talent such as “Pretty Little Liars” actor Tyler Blackburn and Disney Channel’s “Camp Rock” star Meaghan Martin. Macy’s, the 85-year-old department store, headed the series in turn for their product placement in each episode. According to Digi Day Daily, the series is “designed to serve as a prequel to a potential big-screen movie.”

With promotions airing the past few weeks, the web series is also an extension of Macy’s mission to produce more entertainment. Web video, in the past, has been ultimately a failure, but the department store is hoping a mixture of well known actors and movie-like production values will change that.

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