Sunday May 20, 2018

Technology and Art Intersect in NY

Museum of Modern Art, New York City, USA

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NY was home to an unusual event last Wednesday, where technology and art integrated in a synergistic configuration.  Hosted by Google and Leaders in Software and Art, a society that hosts monthly “salon” events on software art, the event displayed abstract, user-based animation, and flexible fonts that move based on human gesture among other intriguing projects,  showcasing what can be done when technology and art merge, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Art festivals such as FILE Electronic Language International Festival in Sao Paulo and Transmediale in Berlin gained momentum in the late ’90s; an interest is now burgeoning in NY, with the Museum of Modern Art’s new “Talk to Me” exhibit focusing on technology and design, coupled with a rapidly emerging technology community, according to the Journal.

The Journal made mention of Google Maps Team Engineer Scott Draves, Google Creative Lab’s Richard The, Yuin Chien and Alexander Chen, who earlier this year launched mta.me, a NY subway map transformed into a string instrument by tracking subway train departures and creating a musical symphony through intersecting lines.

“There’s more and more interfacing between different teams,” says Aaron Koblin, creative director of the data arts team at Google Creative Lab in San Francisco to the Journal. “There’s lots of rich dialogue between both art and technology and products….we’re experimenting with what each of these products are capable of in unique ways.”

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