Sunday May 20, 2018

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The NY Applied Science School: Are NYIT and Manhattan College in the Mix?

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by Lisha Arino

As previously reported, 27 institutions from around the world this past summer have expressed interest in helping NY start a new school for applied sciences, which is part of Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to attract more tech firms to the area.

But two local schools aren’t on that list: the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) and Manhattan College.

NYIT, which has one campus near Columbus Circle in Manhattan and another in Old Westbury in Long Island, considered submitting their interest to the city, said Nada Anid, dean of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences.

“We were going to be part of a consortium, and then that partnership fell through,” said Anid. “It was a few days before the initial submissions.”

Manhattan College, located in the Bronx, was also part of that consortium, said Elizabeth Connolly, from the school’s communications office, in an email.

Earlier this year, the mayor put out a request for proposals to build a new engineering school. According to the Economic Development Corporation’s website, the winning bid will receive the use city-owned land, seed money and the administration’s support. So far, the EDC has received 18 proposals from 27 institutions worldwide, with Stanford University and Cornell University expressing a strong interest in the project, with institutions from Israel, South Korea and Canada have also placed bids. Locally, Columbia University, New York University, Cooper Union, and the City University of New York have all expressed interest, as the deadline for bids is October 28.

Manhattan College hasn’t quite given up though, according to Connolly.

She says that the school “is pursuing a partnership with other engineering and technology schools in New York City to support the mayor’s vision.”

As for NYIT, Anid says that the school is focusing its efforts on expanding existing programs and introducing new ones, instead of working with the city to build a new school. There’s a new bioinformatics master’s program in the works, as well as programs in biomechanics and biofuels. According to an email from Brianna Samuels, who works in the school’s communications department, NYIT is also expanding their technology program to include telemedicine, engineering and computer science.

NYIT’s engineering school will also be planning to open a new technology campus in Long Island, which will also have a presence in Manhattan, they said. Anid says that planning was still in the preliminary stages.

“We’re on the same page as the mayor,” said Anid. “Our mission is applied science and that’s what he wants.”