Saturday February 16, 2019

Wilson Talks Social Media Ads at OMMA Global #OMMA

Image representing Fred Wilson as depicted in ...

Image via CrunchBase

At the OMMA Global conference earlier this week in NY, Union Square Ventures co-founder Fred Wilson  addressed a new form of advertisements in what he called “native monetization systems” for Web properties. He believes ads have become tailored to the nature and content of a particular platform, as they tend to have a higher performance than traditional ads because they are were made to function as part of the site. According to MediaPost, he gave examples such as “Google paid-search ads linked to search keywords, Facebook “Likes,” promoted tweets on Twitter and special deals offered through Foursquare.”

Skeptics have raised questions whether the social media platforms have proved to generate performance as it is too soon to tell whether the ads are effected. However, Wilson points out we can ignore the way audiences are being driven towards specialized and social forms of media.