Tuesday July 16, 2019

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Amazon Publishing Leaves NY Houses Out of Deal

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Traditional publishers have fallen victim to the digital age — readers no longer have to venture to a bookstore to obtain a copy of the latest New York Times Bestseller and authors no longer need to consult with publishing houses. Instead, Amazon is making its way as the dominating force in the publishing industry, sidestepping New York houses and securing itself as their greatest nemesis. According to The New York Times, Amazon will publish 122 books this fall in a multitude of genres, in both physical and e-reader form.

“Everyone’s afraid of Amazon,” Richard Curtis, a longtime agent, told the Times. “If you’re a bookstore, Amazon has been in competition with you for some time. If you’re a publisher, one day you wake up and Amazon is competing with you too. And if you’re an agent, Amazon may be stealing your lunch because it is offering authors the opportunity to publish directly and cut you out. It’s an old strategy: divide and conquer,” he said.

The Times mentions that Amazon will provide authors with access to the coveted Nielsen BookScan sales data, which indicates how many physical books are being sold in specific markets, while also fostering a ‘one-on-one’ relationship between author and fan — leaving traditional publishers, critics, and agents in the dust. A future devoid of publishers was made evident last month when Amazon released the Kindle Fire, a tablet for books and other media sold by Amazon, the Times notes — ultimately, Amazon will be the primary manufacturer of the author’s product, eliminating writing publishers from the deal.

The New York Times

  • “Crying Mountain” and “I Will Fly Again” are great books. People love them. Years ago, such books would have been hidden under a mud hut forever. They got immediate attention after they were featured on Amazon. When a book is on Amazon and Kindle, it usually gets acknowledged. There are many good books waiting to be read. Traditional publishers are great because they give the author an advance and help with the promotion of the book. It’s extremely difficult to get a book published via traditional publishers. So, this is great news for authors.

  • They should be afraid. Their monopoly on screwing authors has finally been called out by a big time player in Amazon. This is good news for the industry. I’m writing daily about the death of the publishing industry as it
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