Wednesday December 12, 2018

NY Convergence ORIGINAL

NY Video: Sarah Palin in a Bathing Suit and Coolio in the Kitchen (#nyvm)

Saul Hansell (AOL), Filip Szymanski (NY Video), Steve Rosenbaum (NY Video), Rob Barnett (My Damn Channel), Marc Scarpa (VidBlogger Nation), Ernest Feiteira (SeeTheJob.com), Peter Young, (SeeTheJob.com) (credit: NY Video)

By Lauren Keyson

NY Video, the world’s largest organization of web video entrepreneurs held its monthly meeting late in September to showcase three companies and their shows. My Damn Channel was certainly the funniest. It’s an entertainment studio and distributor of original programming that co-creates branded entertainment and targeted distribution campaigns for major advertisers.

Rob Barnett, founder and CEO talked about the huge hit this fast growing comedy site has become and showed clips from the company’s award-winning original web series.  These have names like “You Suck at Photoshop”, which features Sarah Palin in a bathing suit with a gun – a show that plays in a category that he calls “mockutorial.” It teaches real Photoshop skills, but the person who is teaching has an inner life that is unraveling in every episode in a comedic way.

Other My Damn Channel shows include “Horrible People,” an evil comedic soap opera and “Cooking’ With Coolio,” a cooking show with former rap-star Coolio. “The Worst Generation” is similar to the HBO series “Entourage, “but instead of a group of friends living off the career of one of their house mates who happens to be an actor, this is a group of friends who live off the career of someone who is an actor, it also revolves an actor, but the actor happens to be a dog.  “This studio really seemed like an incredible opportunity,” said Barnett, “Amazing new real estate and a chance for any idiot to jump in and reach hundreds of millions of people — and I wanted to be one of those idiots.”

Another strong presentation came from VidBlogger Nation, the first national social TV network that involves self-portraits by hometown “tastemakers” who share the stories of people, places and things in their city from a first-person perspective.   The company announced its launch at the Meetup.  It’s about 10 unique voices in 10 markets around the U.S. telling their stories and sharing their experiences with their followers and friends. It uses Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to have a collaborative story telling experience with that particular audience.

“We spent a lot of time finding the right folks for this project,” said Marc Scarpa, the creator and executive producer. “A team of producers went through about 4,000 videos in the course of about three and a half months.  We weren’t looking for actors, we wanted people who were passionate about their cities and things that were happening in their lives – so we didn’t have a formal casting process.”

The third video presentation was about the site SeeTheJob.com, a social recruiting and career exploration site for campus recruitment that brings together students, employers and the career services departments to talk about everything related to campus recruitment.  “Students get an inside scoop of life on the job, and it’s all done through video,” explained Ernest Feiteira, VP of business development. ”We provide training for different  careers so students can see, for instance, a critical care nurse  versus an operating nurse on the job talking about what they do.  SeeTheJob.com lets them discover cool careers and takes them behind the scenes at some of the world’s best companies.”