Wednesday June 19, 2019

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Panel Discusses NYC Gov.’s Use of Social Media

Opening Presentation by Rachel Sterne, Chief D...

Image by Internet Society via Flickr

City Hall News presented “How digital tools are (and are not) impacting communications in and around government,” a panel discussion featuring digital media, journalism, and city politics experts. The panel, which took place on Oct. 14, was held at Manhattan’s Baruch College, and was co-moderated by MetroFocus Editor in Chief Laura van Straaten and City Hall News Editor Adam Lisberg.

The panel, featuring the city’s Chief Digital Officer, Rachel SterneMicrosoft’s Director of Innovative Engagement Mark Drapeau and New York City Council Member Gale Brewer, among others, addressed the issue of how traditional government institutions and corporations can limit the power of social media tools and offered solutions, according to MetroFocus. 

Sterne championed Mayor Bloomberg’s belief in making government data transparent and widely accessible, so as to make government and business more efficient, MetroFocus reports. “It’s important to experiment, but it’s not a cure all to use social media,” Sterne said during the panel.

The panel also discussed the two-way street formality of digital tools —  new technologies allow government to be more transparent while allowing citizens to better engage with government in addition, MetroFocus notes. Two-way innovations have in certain aspects impacted the government-constituent relationship in terms of visibility and outreach, but the panel was a clear indication of the necessity for fine tuning to be done as new technologies continue to surface.