Friday June 22, 2018

Queens Social Media Strategist Waits 17 Days for New iPhone

Apple Store Fifth Avenue

Image by lucbyhet via Flickr

As fanboys are lined up outside of Apple stores across New York this morning to buy the new iPhone 4S,  Esquire went to go find the first person on line at Apple’s flagship 5th Avenue store, namely to see what it takes to get that spot.  At the store they found Keenan Thompson, a 21-year-old social-media strategist from Queens who is first in line, but has been waiting at the store for 17 days, waiting even before the 4S was officially announced.  When asked why he was so eager to be the first, Thompson told Esquire that “I feel like being in the number-one spot — being the in line the longest — is a badge of honor. You’re in the community when you’re on this line,” though he did admit that many, including fellow fans, think he is crazy for waiting so long.

This morning Thompson’s patience paid off at 8 a.m., as he became the first person at the 5th Avenue story to buy the new phone.