Tuesday July 16, 2019

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Sportaneous, Innovative App for New York Sports Fans?

Sportaneous, a mobile app created in NY that allows people who want to play pickup sports, lets users create a game and invite others in their area to participate, or join a game that someone else has created. The app won the popular choice prize, and second prize over all, at the NYC Big Apps 2.0 contest in March, but according to The New York Times its usefulness is in question.  As indicated by the Times, Internet services such as this depend on the participation from other users. Previously, having only 100 active users, was an issue for the app’s vitality.

The app’s founders have changed directions and have set out to build a mass of users near Columbia University, as 900 people have become active users,   Sportaneous has since been used for a variety of purposes: group runs, Ultimate Frisbee matches and even a large-scale game of Quidditch.

The cities of Philadelphia, San Diego and New York can currently access the app, but its creators are focusing attention on Upper Manhattan. Both a list and a map of events have been proposed in a certain area, with details including how many people will be present and the game’s competitiveness. According to The Times, there are 14 kinds of activities to pick from and each event has a message board where participants can discuss details surrounding the game. Privacy settings, which allow app users to post listings that only invited guests can see, appears to be an effective addition.

“We’re learning lessons about human nature in general, about how to overcome people’s inertia and sticking with what they know,” Haroun told the Times.

The New York Times