Monday June 17, 2019

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Stanford Unveils NY Campus Plans

Stanford University

Stanford, the university situated among palm trees, sunny skies and located in Silicon Valley, has unveiled an ambitious plan to open a second campus in New York City. According to Mercury News, Stanford is placing the finishing touches on a 500 page proposal, due to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office in two weeks. The construction is estimated to cost up to $2 billion and will take three decades to complete. Stanford is among 27 competitors for the coveted space, and formidable rival Cornell University, located in upstate NY, will too be vying for expansion, Mercury News mentions.

“This can be transformative for the university, transformative for New York City and maybe even transformative in the way that research operates in the future.But it is something that will be difficult,” Stanford electrical engineering professor Bernd Girod stated. “There is no model and no blueprint. It is uncharted territory. We have to be very smart about this.”

The decision is due to be announced in December and if Stanford were to succeed, graduate students studying science, engineering and entrepreneurship would gain admission by 2013, with the hiring process beginning next year, Mercury News notes.

Bloomberg seeks to make technology an integral part of New York’s economy and, according to Mercury News, wants a university that has notably been a pioneer in creating new companies and jobs. Technology is integral to the future — Stanford President John Hennessy asserts that by selecting Standford, NYC will have invested in the nation’s future.

“Silicon Valley has been terrific, but if the country wants to maintain its leadership in science and technology, it needs more than Silicon Valley,” Hennessy told Mercury News.

Mercury News