Sunday July 22, 2018

TechStars’ Demo Day Unveils 12 Start Ups

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Image via CrunchBase

This week, startup accelerator TechStars held its Demo Day, where they unveiled 12 new NY startups they will be working with.

Among the 12 were:

  • Contently works to connect freelance journalists with publishers
  • Odr.In is an API that can turn a device or app into an ordering service for food. Developers embed the Ordr.In API on their website to begin to take a part of the profit. The company has expanded quickly and already has 7,000 restaurants in their API.
  • SideTour works to create events or experiences in which other users can sign up for. So far, events average about 6.5 people who pay approximately $76
  • Dispatch.io is a platform that allows users to manage files in the cloud by dragging and dropping files to share regardless of the service
  • Ambassador allows companies to track and manage customer referral programs. Currently, Ambassador has 15, 000 brand ambassadors.
  • Coursekit is a social education platform that streamlines file sharing, including images, documents, and videos. The company has also adopted a Facebook-esque wall that professors and students can post onto.

For a complete list, see the link below.