Thursday April 26, 2018

Generation Y: Always Connected

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Image by daniel_iversen via Flickr

Generation Y has recognized their unusual antics while out on the town. They are seamlessly able to multitask between intense conversation and their smartphones without a second thought. The New York Times recently highlighted a few social scenes in which young people illustrated their usage of smartphones, the pros and the cons of always being connected, the importance on having that “information” edge and the fear of missing out.

In one instance, Esther Kang and Marissa Evans who runs Go Try It On, a social networking site, were caught excluding their friend once the third party saw that they had checked in to a bar on Foursquare. According to the Times, “That feeling leaves many social media users perpetually antsy that, somewhere accessible by their phones, someone is having more fun than they are,” explained Ann Mack of the ad agency JWT New York.

The article concludes that many people in this generation feel the most comfortable when they’re always connected by keeping their phones at their sides, and checking e-mails and text messages as they come.

The New York Times