Saturday May 25, 2019

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New ‘Rewards’ Feature Boosts Thrillist

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NY-based Thrillist initially was merely a witty email city guide when Ben Lerer first had the idea. In the past year, however, a subset of its business, Thrillist Rewards, has grown rapidly, according to Business Insider. Thrillist Rewards finds local deals for members that can be purchased, similar to Groupon.

It has proven to be  an essential part of Thrillist’s revenue stream — so much so that Thrillist Rewards is getting its own iPhone and Android app, BI notes. The Thrillist Rewards app, which just recently launched, sends weekly alerts to users about local deals; deals can be purchased through the app and there’s no geolocation feature, according to BI. 

Next month Thrillist plans to add geolocation, at which point the app will serve location-based reminders. When a user purchases a reward and walks near the venue, the Thrillist app will send an alert encouraging the user to redeem it, BI explains.

“Thrillist Rewards, while a piece of the broader Thrillist strategy, is a powerful brand unto itself, with its own unique design language and content,” a Thrillist spokesperson told BI. “So for launch, we thought it would better promote the brand to give it its own unique environment.”

Business Insider

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