Wednesday December 12, 2018

New York City Marathon Runners to Tweet During Race? #NYCMarathon


Image by The_WB via Flickr

Runners in today’s New York City Marathon will ask themselves an important question before reaching the finish line in Central Park: “Should I tweet during the race?”

According to DNA Info, many of the 43,000 marathoners from around the world have already been using Twitter in the weeks leading up to the race to share with followers their training schedules, excitements, anxieties, and anticipations.

“It doesn’t take too much to tweet out a picture,” Jennifer Gerlock, a runner from Maryland who has her own marketing company and is racing for charity, told DNA Info. “You have to stop for water breaks anyway, so why not?”

Sean Haubert, social media manager for New York Road Runners, told DNA Info that this is the first NYC Marathon in which organizers have made a concerted effort to vocalize their sentiments on Twitter in advance. Using hashtags such as #ingnation, #nyrr and #runTT, dozens of runners post questions and words of encouragement every hour.

As for tweeting during the race Haubert said that “he has seen several marathoners mention live-tweeting the race, but he highly discourages it for safety reasons.”

DNA Info